Problem Solving Sbilities

Business is always the same as social and human relationships, so problems always arise. In factories and other places, unexpected accidents and product failures occur. The occurrence of such problems can not be avoided in some aspects. So, how do you solve the problem, whether you have taken measures to prevent recurrence, etc. are asked.

These questions often tend to be asked in the case of mid-career recruitment, but may also be asked for new graduates. In the case of new graduates, through practical training, graduation research, etc., we respond to what we struggled and problems and ask what was the result.

As an answer, it is effective if you explain that you have solved the problem in the order “problem situation” “job function” “action (solution)” “result (outcome)”. For example, with the recent high-tech conversion, many products with various functions are on sale. Therefore, the probability of occurrence of trouble is getting higher.

For example, taking car navigation as an example, the basic functions are directions, but in addition to that, audio and communication functions and so on are enriched. Suppose that when you are listening to music, a guide map is displayed, or when you pass through a certain road, you encounter problems such as stopping the system or displaying a black screen. This is the part of the problem situation.

And then I will explain my responsibilities and solutions. It involves renovation and testing of software and hardware, and measures to prevent recurrence. How was the result at the end? Were they satisfied with customers? We will explain in that way.