Personal Interview (one to one)

Personal interview is a method of interviewing one candidate or one interviewer for one candidate. This page explains “Personal interview” about the case of one interviewer.

The purpose of the interviewer and the examinee is to interact with each other on a one-on-one basis, so that the examinee does not get nervous and looks at the person’s true face. But even if you forget to be an interview, it is not good to use words like talking to your family and friends usually.

As for the contents of the question, student life, family relationship, friendship relationship etc are asked and it is about 10 ~ 30 minutes as a standard of time. Also, chatty things such as hobbies may be spoken, but proper response to that is also required.

The same is true for other interview formats, but we must make sure that the conversation is not interrupted. It is one subject, so we have to prepare for quite a bit of questions.

This type of interview is often done as a preliminary interview for personnel officials. Emphasis should be placed on communication with the interviewer, actively respond, refreshing, showing clarity. Because I am one to one, I think that some candidates are not good at talking with eyes, although I have to talk with the eyes of the opponent (interviewer).

When you talk for everyday, you need to train to see and speak to the other person’s eyes. However, because the interviewer is one person, the atmosphere may be influenced by the personality of the interviewer and the way of thinking.

It is easy to talk if the interviewer is similar and well compatible, but it seems to be denied even if you talk to an interviewer with bad compatibility, sometimes it gets scolded. Careful people are cautious.