Improving your Interview Techniques

The way to leave after the interview from the attitude / gesture during the interview is roughly as follows.

Look at the chest around the interviewer’s gaze during the interview, and look at the other’s eyes when talking. It is rude to look around Kyorochiro or gaze at the other.

Regarding attitudes and gestures, habits such as “scratching your head”, “poor rust”, “putting your hands on your face and neck” are awkward and give you an unpleasant impression to the interviewer. It is strictly prohibited to clear your throat unnecessarily. Regarding the size of the voice, it is not good whether it is too big or too small. It is the best to pass through the entire room.

If you are told that “This is the end,” sit down and lower your head as “Thank you”. An angle of about 30 degrees is good. After that, we stand up, head towards the door, leave the room after saying “I was rude” in front of the door.

It should be noted here that as the interviewer’s question is over, it is easy for tension to come off and to attitude. Do not breathe out bigly, breathe in badly, or crush a stiff expression, so be careful not to put it in attitude.

After the interview exam is over, we will check the absence of the appointment / contact matter at a later date to the staff of the staff / receptionist and return home. Avoid getting off the coffee shop near the interview site, at least two stops away.

It is common for interview tests to be carried out in the trend. Again, please do not forget that the interview includes going and returning to the venue and being watched.