Group Debate

A group discussion (group discussion) is a pattern in which a theme is set, a candidate is elected from a candidate and advanced, and plural interviewers observe the state of discussion. The time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and we discuss about 8 people.

Depending on where you take the exam, the theme is “social affairs, current affairs issues”, “everyday topics”, “business challenges” and so on. Sometimes, candidates themselves may choose themes themselves and make them decide.

As social and current news issues, it concerns environmental destruction, declining birthrates, territorial disputes, OAD (Official Development Assistance), and Internet society. General common sense is tried and you can see if you speak your opinion aggressively.

Regarding everyday topics, recently popular games · mobile phones (smart phones) · homes · diet etc. Even though it is a familiar theme in everyday life, it is important not to merely talk but to express it with proper word usage.

Also, as a business problem, it is cheaply procurement method · efficiency improvement of the production line and quality improvement · influence of the yen and countermeasures. Individual motivation and level of consciousness are tried. In addition to social problems, we need to thoroughly investigate the industry as well.

In short, in addition to newspapers, magazines, information from the Internet (knowledge), I have opinions as my own, or what role I can play in a group. Disturbing the order, outstanding opinion is negative.

Again, in the group, there are people who have a lot of expression, few people, opinions who deviate from the theme. Is not it more difficult to do than the usual interview test?