Career History and Skills

There is a part duplicating “Purpose of motivation and desire for motivation” and “position of application”, but it is one of the frequently asked questions. Especially, when adopting it in the middle, the company wants immediate fighting strength, and it tends to be more important. To some extent, if you are age-old, you are trying to find people who are candidates for executives, ie skills plus leadership and management skills.

What kind of job are you taking from your career history, and what skills did you use to contribute to the company? And if you become adopted, you will be asked various questions to know whether you can fully demonstrate your skills and contribute to the company. Things described in the resume or job history record are obvious, but there are times when you are asked about how to spend time when you are unemployed that you do not describe.

In this section, I will explain what kind of company I was working in, working in the industry, what kind of work was there, and role. For skills, it is also important to explain what you have described in your resume or curriculum vitae with specific examples.

I was asked how I enjoyed my previous job, I felt rewarding, I was bad, and how I was with my boss. In addition, it can be said that questions are always asked about reasons for changing jobs.

I think that questions that are difficult to answer will also be made, but let me prepare my own answer in advance. Do not say bad things about the former company and just try to appeal that it is a positive change. The interviewer is at the head of whether to quit (our company) for one reason for the same reason.