Promotion Test

Recently, the number of companies that have papers and presentations (presentation of results of work and work) and interviews are increasing. Interviews are often thought to be done at the time of the entrance examination to enter the school or the recruitment examination such as employment and career change, but it is done even after entering facilities such as company.

In a general company, discussion with the boss, which is carried out every six months or every year, is called “interview”, but in addition to that, the personnel department organized by the personnel department, the year of the company’s interview, the chief staff, the chief, the section chief, At promotion such as department manager, an interview will be held to select personnel.

To promote promotes more salary and (decision) authority than ever, so you can see if it will do the job appropriate for that position. For example, in an interview appointed to a position, from the person’s personality, you can see the ability to take communication with the surroundings, organize their subordinates and do the work. Power will come in for both the interviewer as well as the interviewer.

After all, at the promotion exam interview, you will certainly be asked about the work content so far. Can you explain the contents of your previous work (task) in a concise, easy-to-understand manner? What role do you do, how is the outcome? The interviewer will look at how to respond when there is something in trouble. You will be asked a serious question, a mean question. It will be judged by language of interview, how to answer and work experience so far.

It is important to appeal to the interviewer that the enthusiasm for work is conveyed and that there is opportunistic response capability. Therefore, speaking biased ideas is not permitted.