Preparing for Interview

Although it overlaps a little with “understanding of interview”, I will talk about “preparation for interview”. Punctuality is essential to take the interview exam first.

Late will not be accepted in principle. (In the case of natural disaster, though it may be taken into consideration … · · ·), “To confirm the location and transportation system of the interview site”, “Confirm the reception time”, so as not to be late, and It is necessary to “manage physical condition”. Let’s confirm your belongings and arrange it on the day before the interview day.

I will introduce about general belongings. Although it is a necessary document, it is necessary to write a recommendation letter from the school “Student”, “Certificate of graduation certificate (student)” “College transcript (student)” “Certificate of resume / job history (job change)” ” “Etc.

In addition to those you want to carry as possessions by all means “Student ID card” “Money” “Seal and red ink” “Writing utensils (pencils / ballpoint pens)” “Notes and notebooks” “Company data / materials” “Wristwatch” “Folding umbrella” Handkerchief · Tissue “and so on. It is convenient to bring “cell phone” as a contact, but it is good manners to turn off the power during the interview.

As for “resume / job history record” and “company data / material”, it is often asked by interview, so we need to be able to answer in your own words. For that reason, we need to look through the relevant information of the economy / aspiring industry from usual newspapers, information magazines, the Internet etc. After that, it is a good idea to rehearse to answer questions and respond.