Understanding Interviews

According to common saying, an interview is “to meet that person directly”. Entrance examinations, employment exams and some qualification exams are used for applicant selection.

The purpose of the interview is to find out the nature and ability (technical skill) of the applicant himself / herself, etc. and actually think about it, which you do not understand in the document or written exam. Therefore, interview exams are more important than written exams in many cases, and the interviewer will be asking questions (for applicants) in various ways. However, the pattern of question content is determined.

It is necessary to organize the expected questions so that they will not rush on the interview day. The question pattern also differs depending on the type of exams to be applied, age and so on.

Regarding the interview format, there are “individual interview” (one interviewer vs. one applicant), “interviewer multiple candidate 1 person”, “group interview”, “discussion interview”. The contents of each will be introduced in the text. Applicants interviewed are influenced greatly by their implementation style.

In a one-to-one personal interview, the examinees make an environment where they can talk easily and see the person’s face. For one candidate, in the case of multiple interviewers, candidates tend to contract, so see how to deal with them.

In collective interviews, you will see expressiveness, leadership, cooperativeness, etc. in group discussion interviews such as expressiveness and aggressiveness. In this way, in an interview usually done, by changing the interview form as well as the contents of the questionnaire, the interviewer will seek out the psychology and personality of the candidate. This is a way to select better people in a short time.

And, as questions often depend on the format of the interview exam, you will need to prepare in advance. Basic matters concerning English interviews, such as finding employment for foreign-affiliated companies and English qualification examination, are similar.

The interview is used as a means for the interviewer to make a pass / fail judgment, and it is also an opportunity to see the essence of the school and the company on the applicant side. It is absolutely impossible to avoid in living in society now.