Preparing for Interviews

From the arrival of the interview site to how to enter the interview room are generally as follows.

At the end of the interview, I would like to relax and have an interview. To do that, we will start with plenty of time. (In the case of a place to go for the first time, it may take longer than expected due to lost or transit connection.) If you arrive at the interview site at the last minute, you will not be able to take an interview calmly.

Do not forget that all examinees’ activities are paying attention at the interview site. The interview has already begun since the moment he entered the reception lobby of the venue. In the lobby, female clerks of general affairs and personnel are serving. There are also the impression of the reception staff member in the scoring of the interview.

Next, let ‘s wait quietly until your turn comes when you go through the waiting room (for interview). Never take an arrogant attitude, talk loudly, or snooze is strictly prohibited. If the waiting time seems to be long, I would like to be able to hope for an interview with plenty of time, such as reconfirming the materials I put together or repeating assumed questions.

And my turn finally came. First of all, if you call your name, answer “yes” and follow the guidance of the person in charge. When entering the interview room knock twice twice and enter after entering a reply “please.” After opening the door greet “I am sorry”, turn to the back and quietly close the door.

Then turn to the interviewer, bow and walk to the chair. Standing on the left side of the chair, name the name, etc. Please bow and please be seated at the direction of the interviewer. After that I will go into the question of the interviewer.