Interview Knowledge

In the interview exam, it is not just a game that day. People who were students until that time only had to attend lectures and seminar time, I think I would have been irregular. However, responsible society people, punctuality is the minimum necessary, and it leads to everything. Also, when you get an interview with lack of sleep, it will appear on your face, so it will also give you an unpleasant impression to the interviewer.

As a life pattern during job hunting, always read the newspaper in the morning and arrange materials such as information magazines. In particular, we try to gather information on economics, industry, companies and so on. In the interview exam, you may be asked a question. Without knowing anything, there is no choice but to be taken if there is no motivation or ambition.

Next, please check your appearance before going to the interview site. Please clean the suit clean and check if there is any unforgettable. (See “Preparing for interview”)

In addition, as an understanding at the time of interview, “Do not keep smiles” “Hold my purpose and will” firm “Do not say bad things or complaints of other companies” “Explicitly do the explanation, “It is even better to use it” “Ask questions such as the specific contents of the duties and the situation of the company”.

In short, you can do a way of speaking that is likable, tell the interviewer how you can contribute to the company of your company and what kind of work you want to do. This is difficult, but it is also the biggest opportunity to sell yourself. Finally, it is courtesy to forget to give thanks to the interviewer even after the interview exam is over.