Group Interviews

The format in which one or more interviewers interview several candidates is called a group interview. In addition to shortening the interview time for the interviewer, we aim to compare and examine by seeing several examinees simultaneously.

In other words, it is evaluated relatively, and I am looking at understanding, expressiveness, cooperativeness, aggressiveness, honesty and others. In particular, “cooperativeness” is not an individual interview. For example, suppose that you were told “Please self-PR” from the interviewer.

Each examinee will self-publish, but you need to be careful that the expression time is not too long or too short for yourself. If you have time designation, you should obey it, if not, it should be around 1 minute.

In general, there are a lot of cases conducted by about 4 to 5 interviewers for about 6 examinees, the approximate time is about 1 hour. The question method from the interviewer will ask the same question all at once to a plurality of applicants all at once or identify and ask the individual.

The content to be heard is the same as personal interview. It is important to answer in your own words in the pressure that people are around. However, speaking outrageously as an attempt to stand out, saying self-centered remarks on your own is counterproductive.

I understand the intention of the question well and briefly state my thought / purpose consciousness. First of all, say from the conclusion, please try to explain the reason, etc. after that.

In group interviews, the same question may be told by other examinees in advance what you intend to express. And I think that the pace may be disturbed. However, because it is not possible to suddenly change the answer in the interview performance number, please try to explain it clearly in your own words.

This point. It might be a little difficult point.